Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Trip to Fripp

So, two months ago, I went to Fripp Island, SC for a week with my friend from high school and her family. From a change of events, they were one man down for the house and I have the experience and understanding to be with another family for the week.

I had just wrapped up a week in Phoenix for work. (Do the math, I was there the last week of July and it was decidedly cooler than DC. Not kidding.) I did eat like I got the tip on a famine from the Thai place across the street and drank Firefly Arnold Palmers like there was a drought coming (sweet tea vodka and lemonade - amazeballs) so I had a great time, too. I saw my work life PIC, met some new contacts in the "biz", and avoided a whole week of humidity.

This is the church that my grandparents were married in 65 years ago. Just down the street from the hotel.
Now, onto Fripp!

Here's the itinerary for Fripp:

Wake up
Pack the cooler
Get to beach
Have lunch
Lounge on beach
Go home
Play games
Go to bed

That's all you really need. We had the system down pat and by the time we left we would be set up and ready to go in 10 minutes and packed up in less. But lord, there's sand everywhere when you get back. We also got to celebrate my friend's son's 2nd birthday while we were there. It was great because he really gets that something special is going on. That and his faces are too freaking cute.

I ended up getting a lot of sun and had a great tan for the rest of the summer. Thankfully, I didn't get tan lines that were too prevelant for the strapless bridesmaid dress I had to rock for my cousin's wedding. But, I will say that I should lay off massive amount of vitamin D without first having experienced some vitamin D. Ouch.

Everyone had their name on it so we would lose track of our drinks over the week.

Having been on a plane or traveling for 12 hours of the previous 24, I kicked back with some Firefly Pink Lemonade and stole Austin's hat.

Austin's first steps into the ocean.

The marsh side of the island

Vino and cigars in the evening.

Austin is too cute.

See? That's his "cheese" face.

His birthday banner

Custom birthday plates.

Learning balance and wakeboarding

We learned where the alligator outside the house did it's business.

Case time!

Gorgeous sunset

Erin and I

Sporting Uncle D's shirt/dress

Cleaned up and bronzed for out dinner out

Showing DDD pride at the restaurant

Sand art on the beach

Trying desperately to break in my Rainbows with salt water this time. Jury's still out.

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! He is just too adorable and I love those cups-what a great idea!!!