Monday, October 29, 2012

Pinterest Bedroom Makeover - Part 4

Oh Sandy, you make this post perfect. And no, Mom, I'm not talking to you. Granted, we're both known to watch the boob tube a lot, I'm talking to the Sandy of the Hurricane variety. I digress.

I'm home today as Sandy merges with a Nor'Easter over the District. the wind and rain haven't really kicked up, but since all mass transportation and office building closed, I'm going rock yoga pants and watch movies while I work today. Oh, and since I'll be looking at the boob tube, I'm glad I got to Part 4 of my Pinterest makeover.

Let's face it. I'm addicted to TV.

And I need my Real Housewives in HD.

And I need them out of the way.

Enter: My Dad and Madre Dos' housewarming gift.

The 32" 780p LCD gem.

Minus the stand. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Because my dad is handy and hung the TV (first time not so level), I'm not going to post about it. Other than the anchors and nails used here went through the drywall and the brick that's 3" back, I also acquire spackle and a putty knife which will be handy when I move out.

Anyway, with the DVR and DVD, we had to mount a shelf to the side. If I chose below the TV, I would have to duck walking around the bed or hang everything higher. Not. Happening.

Here's what I was left with:
Black cords es no bueno on a light wall.

Lots of messy cords in the way.
Yes. I lived with it this way for several months. Deal. I was busy. Or whatever.

Anyway, I set out to make some upgrades by covering the cords and hiding them on top of the cable box.

Enter, leftover fabric from my curtains and some pop up mini-boxes from Closetmaid at Target.

First, I tidied up the area a little bit with cable ties and coax staples found at your local hardware store.
Legit amazing.

Coax staples kept the extension cord and coax cable neat and trim against the wall and blending in.

Cable ties tightened up the mass of power, HDMI, and video cords to the TV.
Then I set to making the cord sleeve with left over fabric.

What you'll need:

  • Fabric (at least double the width of the cords your covering and a little longer than what is seen so it can be tucked away.)
  • Velcro squares or strip
  • Scissors
For my cords, I already had a stretch of fabric a little longer that the cords from the TV to the cable box and since it was 8" wide, I didn't trim any excess.

With my fabric folded in half, right side out, I can tell that it will hold my cords.
Right side down, I fold the top over and affix half of the velcro (right side). Just below it, I place the other half of the velcro (wrong side). When you bring the two together, you will have a tube right side out.
Continue the length of the fabric to complete your cord cover.
Once you're ready to cover the cords, you simply un-velcro, then re-velcro over the cords.

 After everything was back in order, I tucked the cords into the pop-up boxes.

Voila! Cords are camouflaged with come creativity!
Now for the all-too-important Before & After Shot!!

With a little creativity, you can take the drab to fab with how to cover unsightly cords or a general mess. And, as you can see from the time on the cable box to staple the cords to the wall, cable tie the cords together, and make and install the cord cover. For 50 minutes worth of my time to clean up that mess, it was well worth it! Granted, I wasn't inspired by any actual pins, but someone has got to go out there and make new ones, right?

Now I can cozy up and get down with all of my Real Housewives.

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