Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" for some so whatting.

SO WHAT if...

  • I am that stereotypical shrieking girl when I see a bug? We have seen no less than six of these things in the last three days. With their legs intact. Because they survived our bug bombing. And let me tell you, these suckers can MOVE. And let's not get started on the cockroaches. SICK.

This one? Is post-Chernobyl.
  • I'm not sorry that I'm sharing that photo with you? Misery loves company. Welcome to my hell.
  • I feel like it's fall? After two weeks of 100+ in heat index, having a heat index in the 80s has a little chill to the air.
  • I was excited to have cold sheets to stick my feet into? Normally, I hate cold sheets, but when it's been so blessed hot out, it's nice to want to cozy up in my bed.
  • I am loving the housewarming gift from padre y madre dos of a 32" LCD wall-mounted HD amazingness? Well, it was more like a combined effort as the options were nice housewarming gift in whole and no prezzies at Christmas, or contribute with some gifts under the tree in December. You can imagine that since this girl likes gifts, we worked it out.
  • I honestly would not have gotten a flat screen had my room been so limiting to pieces of furniture? I mean the frat boys that lived there before us must have had a full-size to put anything else in that room. (Cue flashbacks to college.)
  • I may have to get a subscription to ESPN magazine? We've been getting the frat boys' mail still and ESPN magazine does a great job with their cover choices. 

Well, hello Matt Kemp. via
This is the only thing about the Patriots I could tolerate in Rob Gronkowski. Except, now that I'm looking at this, the dot? Is kinda small, Rob. #burn via

  • I'm still on my countdown (16 days!) for the Olympics? I mean, I question the choice of berets for Team USA, but I can.not.wait. for the Opening Ceremonies!
  • I totally got distracted with finishing this post? I mean, you go to and it's all over.
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  1. I'm tempted to subscribe to ESPN now (for the husband of course)

  2. eeeewwwww sickness on the bug. wtf is wrong with it?!? gross! yikes!
    and heck yes on the espn. that is hottie material for sure!!!

  3. I'm counting down to the olympics too!! visiting from So What Wednesday.