Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Padre y Madre Dos (Dad and Step Mom) Are Coming

This afternoon (SQUEE!) my dad and step mom, known as Madre Dos around these parts and in real life, will be touching down in DC for a true 'Merican celebration of Independence. By helping their 29 year old daughter set up house.

And by house, I mean handiwork that I am capable of doing, but would rather someone else get sweaty and dusty doing. But there's also the extra set of hands and we know how to work together on these types of things aspect I'm going with.

You know, to make me feel better about having a "Daddy Do List" since I am SO-less.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Moving on.

I'll be showing the padre y madre dos about town for the next couple of days in the swealtering heat of a DC summer, but since they're living in Dallas now, they should be used to it. But then again, they have a pool and I do not.

Madre Dos, me, and the padre

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