Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Margarita Slushy, Anyone?

So, you know how I was so clever with my "Spilled Salt Margaritas" last week at the superstitious themed happy hour? Yeah, well there was a second liter of Jose Cuervo Gold Margarita in the freezer. I put it there to keep it cold and thought that since there was tequila in it already, that it would keep from freezing.

And then I left work.

For the weekend.

And then I didn't need any ice yesterday.

And I then I wanted iced coffee this morning so I opened up the freezer.

To find that yes, Jose's little mix, in fact, does freeze. And since it's in glass, it freezes hard enough to fracture and break the glass.

Naturally, I wanted to clean out the big shards from the freezer, wipe it down and potentially salvage the margarita slushy that was still intact.

And then I tried to move the fractured glass and catch it over a bin.

From there, the weight of the margarita slushy was too much for the fractured glass and it fell. And shattered.

Leaving a giant lump of margarita slushy with a side of glass shards all over the floor.

Funny thing about margarita slushy, glass shards, and a wood floor. The wood floor acts like the best camouflage that Duck Dynasty would envy for the glass shards. So while I was "wiping down the sticky stuff" to close the freezer door without making a bigger mess, I was really jamming all the glass shards to one area in which to poke me.


So now, I'm sporting two battle wounds from margarita slushy warfare. In which I lost. No more margaritas, sticky shoes, and a mess to clean up.

And the kitchen? Smells like a hangover.

Jose knows his tequila and you can smell it from a mile away.

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