Tuesday, June 12, 2012


While I have managed to schedule my apartment move from one place to another and get my furniture shipped from Colorado (BIG THANKS TO MY MOM FOR PACKING EVERYTHING), I have also managed to schedule my office move of nine people for only 24 hours after that.

Brilliant, I know.

But I guess it's best to rip it off like a band-aid rather than drag it out over weeks.

I'll delve into that more when I get to the point of a nervous breakdown, but for now, I wanted to share my change of address card I found courtesy of Paperless Post with the best price: FREE! Of course you can get fancy, but I opted for the cute little card to announce my new place.

Of course the mustaches are not part of the announcement, but it was so much cuter than pixelating the info.

You should head over to Paperless Post to see if there are invites, announcements, or Save the Dates that suit your fancy. I just had to share the cuteness without provocation or compensation.

p.s. Now that I've re-announced the blog to everyone in my life to get the vital deets, I guess I'll need to be more consistent in the whole blogging thing.

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