Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finding My Way

So I've been in the new joint for one week and have gotten to a point where I know where things are located within my room and the apartment in general. What's next is finding my way around the neighborhood. Granted, I can read a map and google and yelp with the best of them, but I need to get a groove for where I go for things and when I go.

This weekend, I finally used my Capital Bikeshare for the first time. Since I became a member in April 2011. As in last year. Yeah. I'm awesome. (Also, I got a cute little helmet that's pink and black from a bike shop in the new 'hood. I feel so smart.) It was a nice way to see the area from wheels rather than my feet and get my heart pumping, too.

I did manage to get my feet and cuticles under control from a local salon. It was great and now it doesn't look like I've been abusing my hands for two weeks.

Now here's the big task: getting the groove. You know, from when to workout to when to grocery shop to when I should catch the bus to everything else. I like to have a schedule. If I have a schedule, I'm more likely to be productive. For example, I had a couple of chores that I contemplated to complete this morning, but alas I watched Legends of the Fall and walking over to get some pre-yoga shift coffee with the roommate. Zero productivity.

With two new locations for home and work, it will take some adjusting. I foresee an excel spreadsheet in my future to keep it altogether. With color-coding. And then transferring that to my iPhone so I have alerts. And then perusing Pinterest to see if there are cute ideas to keep me together and motivated to maintain a schedule so that I don't fall easily to the ease of eating out and having less than stellar sleep cycle since I can't manage to hit the pillow before 11pm. And if you know me or have followed the blog for a bit, you know that I love me an early bedtime.

Here's to getting settled and back to getting everything back in order.

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