Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bits and Baubles

As of late, I have been using that term. A lot. "Get the last bits and baubles" or "I need to arrange the bits and baubles".

So here are some bits and baubles of my life:

  • MOVING IS DONE!!! I'm so glad that I have no more hefting, early mornings, late nights, just settling to do. The office, of course, is much more put together thanks to the packers, movers, unpackers, and hanging crew. I mean, I just have some pieces around my office to work through and it's done. My house however, is not that put together. Which is fine. I have a room that is as messy as if I hadn't picked up for a week. Which is coincidentally what has been happening. Whatever. It will get done this weekend. Probably.
  • I have figured out how to get Lucky Charm marshmallow taste without throwing the dice in being dusted with death: A little SF vanilla creamer in my milk before frothing. The foam tastes legitimately like Lucky Charms marshmallows.
  • My heart hurts seeing the pictures out of Colorado as a result of all the wildfires. I know that they are a part of life there, but they are in highly populated areas and not just the material loses are significant. There is wildlife that needs to evacuate, too.
  • I'm having entirely too much fun dressing casual for work? Now that we're relocated, we have a casual for the summer policy which means leggings as pants, jeans, and bare shoulders. I'm loving every second. Well, for the most part. It makes me realize I have a limited dressy-casual wardrobe since on the weekends it's jeans and t-shirt and work is business.
  • My dad and Madre Dos are visiting next week. So, naturally, I have some serious cleaning to do. Not that they are staying with me, but it just means that the joint needs to be put together so they don't shake their heads at me. Also, I have compiled a "Daddy Do" list. It's like a "Honey Do" list, but since I don't have a honey and I mount, level, anchor, and screw in shelves, it's nice to have the extra hands of my dad and the creative eye of Madre Dos to help out. And yes, I did warn him. And show off my handy work that I have already completed.
  • I have called, and sat on hold for 10 minutes, with Comcast to simply have them change my name. Their system only allows eight characters for first names. So all you Jennifers out there are safe. But us Anastasias? Forget it. I'm Anastasi. That's right. I'm now a male version of my name and somewhat sound like an ancient Pueblo tribe from the Four Corners region. (That's Anasazi. I'll save you from google and wikipedia. Their best known work is Mesa Verde in SW Colorado.)
  • I legitimately have no books in my queue to read. It's not that I need some to populate the list, but rather I'm not reading them quickly enough for the my library lending period. 
I promise to draft a post in non-bullet point format. (At some point.)

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