Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time to Winterize

It's time to get ready for those cold dark days of winter. Some people curl up with a book next to the fireplace, some escape to the slopes for a frolic in the winter wonderland, some people put snow tires on their car. However you winterize, you hunker down and get ready.

How do I get there? I winterize my hair. Sometimes that means that I go icy blonde. This year, it means that I lop off my dead ends and go back to something that somewhat resembles what I guess to be my natural color. (I'm not too sure what my natural color is because I haven't seen it in over a decade.)

So far, I'm loving the carefree haircut. Legit easy to style. And thanks to my new and faboosh stylist, I didn't get a stacked bob which would add work to the morning routine. I also love that I have people taking second looks because they can't believe that it's me. Got to keep 'em guessing.

What I love about this cut and color change is that I have been re-energized in my everyday routine from makeup to ensemble to accessories. I had fallen into a rut and needed to be zapped out of the funk. Well? Let's check that under done and done.
Granted these pictures were taken 3 weeks apart, but I did my best to recreate the after.

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  1. Love the dark hair! Makes your eyes pop!

  2. Very cute! I keep thinking about highlighting my hair, but I'm nervous I wouldn't keep up with it and would look trashy.

  3. LOVE the dark!! Looks awesome on you!