Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So What Wednesday

Kind of linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" to say so what. 

So WHAT if...

I'm writing this on my phone? I'm using the new iOS5 features. It works. Kinda.

I haven't adjusted to DST? It's rough to have sunset as I leave work. 

I am in lengthy meetings all week? It's a lot of information that I need, but a lot of it makes me want to bang my head. Legit brain hurts. 

I've diagnosed myself with hangry dismorphia? It's when you don't realize you're hungry and you're angry. Potential hangry episode from these marathon meeting has me packing snacks. Prevention works. 

This is my last so what for this post? I need to get ready for work and my day. Got to get to it. 

Go link up with Shannon and say so what!

Less than 3,


  1. I'm impressed you did this on your phone!!! I can't even stand to comment from my phone much less type a blog post!

  2. I'm LOVING DST in the morning and HATING it at night. I love how bright it is on my drive to work-- it wakes me up! Can I diagnose myself with something like I get angry and then realize that I've had to pee for like the last FOUR hours? Because I TOTALLY get that once a day.

  3. New here from Shannon's link up! There is no way I could possibly type from my phone omg you did great! LOL ... love your blog name I totally think we could be good friends and I hate DST, too girl!

  4. I get pretty agitated when I get hungry, especially on road trips. My husband prefers to go longer than me w/o eating or stopping for breaks so I feel bad asking him to stop. I eventually get pretty cranky and flip out and tell him I NEED FOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!