Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's that time of the week when I say SO WHAT, but a thankful version in honor of Thanksgiving Day. 

(Granted, if this were not an email, I would link to, but you're going to have to do the work with cut & paste.)

So WHAT if...
• I'm thankful to have a couple of days off? Granted, I could be more productive at home, but being forced to relax is nice. 

• I'm thankful I cannot eat gluten? Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, baklava, stuffing, green bean casserole, rolls, and gravy are off limits. 

• I'm thankful I can modify all of those recipes, but don't? No need to make Thanksgiving more involved. 

• I'm thankful I'm not cooking the meal this year? I'm only in charge of the yams because I can make it taste like Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls & Icing.

• I'm thankful I'm still not feeling well? Last week was bad, felt better by Friendsgiving, but I think that was more of eating my body into submission. Now that I'm back to normal, it's back to hating me. 

• I'm thankful that this not feeling well will make my portions smaller? No need to eat my weight in mashed potatoes.

• I'm thankful for blogs and tweets to occupy me? Being a slave to technology to keep me company and giggle. 

What are you saying SO WHAT to this week? Link up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew"!

💗 Ana

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