Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to Find My Blog

Using blogger lets me track some stats. Like where people read my blog - shout out to Canada, Russia, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Ukraine, Iran, Slovenia, and Latvia! Some stats are the type of browsers readings use, referring sites, and referring URLs.

My favorite by far, though is "Search Keywords". They kill me.

Laura over at Between the Lines did a post where she responded to the search terms. I died. Seriously, there's some gems out there that people search for and then click on the link to your blog. Here are my favorites:

best thanksgiving
Well, duh. I have some pretty epic Thanksgivings. You read about Friendsgiving on Tuesday and about previous Friendsgivings. Complete with recipes.

short hair style pinterest
Why yes, I did pin my hairspirations and may have tweeted about it. You're welcome.

flats vs heels
Age old debate. Prevent gnarly feet while staying comfy v. a fantastic leg extender slash butt perker. It's tough.

h&m dress caffeine
No words. Other than I posted about my love H&M dresses and the title of my blog. Whatever gets you here.

"cut my hair" "super short" "love it"
Nice use of quotes, but FYI, google technology would mash all of those up anyway. Also, I would like to say that my bob is not "super short" considering I can still pull the top-half back and out of my face. But I love love cutting my hair, so there's that.

caffeine and cocktails
I'm sorry if I disappointed this person if they were coming here for recipes of cocktails with caffeine. Look through my archives and you'll see some of my selections.

Yeah. As in mother effer. I'm not sure what this person was looking for with this search, but I'm proposing it to Oxford as a new word.

and now my personal favorite...

easton corbin butt shot
Legit. Search. Keywords. I mean, Easton does have a great derriere, no doubt, but really? That's what gets me traffic? I don't even know what to do with that. Other than post the two pics I have of Easton's backside from the H2O tour with Brad Paisley from September 2010.

See cute? And Darius isn't too bad either.

This? Not so cute and detracts from Easton.Yikes. 

So, for those of you out there that are searching for me, you can go ahead and "Follow" me. You can get it to a reader, an RSS feed, or email. Just so you know. Although, I love the entertaining ways you find me.


  1. Hah!!! Omigosh, this is too funny :-D I get a lot of searches of my name + blog name and it kind of weirds me out... I mean, WHO are these people who know me and I'm assuming I know them, who are searching?? Also, I get a lot of people clicking to my blog because of ONE post that I wrote about considering a tattoo. I'm 'bout to go delete the post because it annoys me because it was a fleeting thought and something that just isn't "me" I've had SOO many "small bow" and "dandilion" tattoo searches lead to my blog, its rediculous :-P

  2. Hah. Thanks for the linkage. You have some fun ones! ;)