Monday, November 28, 2011

How You Doin'?

Try not to say it like Joey when you read that title. I dare you.

Now try to get it out of your head.

You're welcome.

Moving on.

Here's some things that have been going on as of late.

  • I had someone ask me if the wrinkles in my forehead were from my kids. Thanks, asshat. I have zero children and just because I might look like a post-baby body and at an age where I could reasonably have a kid without starring on Teen Mom does not mean I have a kid.
  • On the same note, I have looked into Botox.
  • I have also started wearing my glasses all the time. I'm not blind, but I have an astigmatism (which is on the other axis than what everyone else has so the contacts don't work, but thanks for the suggestion) that makes me squint. A lot. So I'll be getting a new perscription and getting a back up pair of glasses.
  • Why am I bummed about wearing glasses? I like to nap and I rub my eyes when I'm frustrated. Add to that I have an OCD for clean glass. Like, don't even think about touching my windows with my fingerprints. Point with your nail. Back to the glasses. I can never get clean enough glasses and I'm paranoid about falling asleep in them.
  • I have the lowest maintenance hair cut. Legit can let it air dry and it still looks good.
  • I seriously don't know how I would live without DVR. I know there's plenty of good TV out there, but since it's on after my bedtime, it's nice to watch it when I want and still get my zzzZZZzzz
  • I'm what is known as a Late Majority when it comes to social media. Except for facebook. I've been on that for 7 years. When it was still just colleges. And no pictures. No tagging. No status updates. Yeah, it's like before there was internet or cell phones.
  • Why do I think I'm a Late Majority when it comes to social media? Finally got twitter, now I can't live without it. You hear everything there first. It took me forever to get Pinterest, now obsessed. And I just got HeyTell thanks to Shannon. Yeah, we took our cyber friendship to a whole new level.
What's new in your world? I mean, I know Thanksgiving was last week and I'll make a post about that, but still, how you doin'?

Did it again.


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  1. OK so not ok! Why on EARTH does anyone think it's ok to comment on one persons wrinkles?! I mean who are these people? OMG. Dude I'm on board with Botox, for sure.