Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So What Wednesday

So WHAT if...

  • I just caught on that Shannon is using a new button. Oh well. You get the point.
  • I may have gone a little creeper on that guy that flew to Stockholm? It's not like he'll ever read this, and if he does he can take it as a compliment and rest assured that he'll never see me again. 
  • I'm eating green chile for lunch and dinner. My dad made a lot while he was here and it's so damn good. It's super easy to take to work and heat up, so it's happening.
  • I have no drive to grocery shop. I'm very content eating what's left in my house even if that means it's limited in produce, veggies, and dairy.
  • I do have drive to get some self-tanner, new nail polish, more speed top coat, and various other things that I don't really need from CVS. The irony? I have to walk PAST a Whole Foods to get there.
  • I'm considering getting another advanced degree in meteorology just to understand the weather patterns in DC. In Colorado, all the storms move east, sometimes northeast, southeast, but ALWAYS east. And those storms? Can haul ass. They don't hover for hours on end. In DC, though it's like a disorganized rotating storm that can move to any point on the compass, if it chooses to move. It's like a slacker storm. It doesn't have ambition to move anywhere, just rain down wherever it happens to be.
  • I'm also considering spending my next paycheck on H&M. Their clothes are cheap, so this should prove amazing in the number of pieces I get. First thing on the list is replacing the pair of $7 aviators I lost in Phoenix.
  • I am booking my time in my trip home like I have meetings and important things to do. Well, I guess I am meeting up with people and they're in important in my life, so that works. I just have to make sure that I get to see everyone.
  • I plotting ways to take Harry everywhere with me while I'm home. I don't want to waste one second away, but I know I will have to.
  • I'm editing this post from couple of days ago like a pirate because I'm home with the, now remnants, of a migraine and I'm still a little light sensitive. I have to do my post, damnit!
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  1. Seriously, this weather is driving me insane...I'm just up the road in Baltimore and they called for rain all week...but yesterday it was sunny...then there would be a nasty cloud, but no rain for hours. And like clockwork, the downpour would start on my commute home from work. Same with today, I'm sure. Sigh

  2. hope your migraine goes away sweet pea! Self tanner is at the top of my list too! Priorities ;)