Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So What Wednesday

Another installment of what I'm saying, "So what" to and linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew".

So what if...

  • I posted about meeting Jen Lancaster on here and Adventures in the District? It's that AWESOME. So awesome, I bolded, italicized, and underlined "that".
  • I may have started an uncomfortable conversation with my co-worker and her child? After a mimosa (or six), we were showing each other pictures on our phone. She showed a pic of her daughter and her boyfriend who was holding his keg cup with the "Shocker". She didn't know what that meant, so I explained it. (Every parent should be educated.) Well, after finals, there's going to be a conversation about the inappropriateness with her daughter. Whoops.
  • I'm motivated to clean based on people coming over? I'm religious about the kitchen and bathroom for obvious reasons, but as far as dusting and vacuuming, I have better things to do. Since I'm having people over this weekend for a little brunch before the Gold Cup, so I need to get my apartment together more so than normal day-to-day.
  • I'm going to be sporting a purse that could also be a small piece of luggage to the Gold Cup? It's an all day event, so I'll need to pack sunscreen, flip flops, water, hand sanitizer, cell phone, advil, tickets, sunglasses, and my hat if I get tired of it. There's a lot going on there, so I need to be prepared. Luck favors the prepared and when betting on the races, I'll take it.
  • I jam out to New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, and Justin Timberlake radio on Pandora? They have good jams, catchy hooks, really what they were engineered to do to sell records. Whatever. I'm pumped up and get through my day with them. Ah, memories.
  • I'm still on a high from meeting Jen Lancaster. Seriously. It was a Bucket List check. I just wish she and I would have become drinking buddies over wine afterwards.
  • I had a Coconut Mocha Frappacino Light last night for dinner? I was waiting for Mrs. Fletch and Barnes & Noble only had a Starbucks. Since their food selection is little servings of death for anyone with a gluten allergy, I didn't have much choice. Except for the gluten-free, vegan chocolate chips cookies at the register. Which was my dessert.
  • I keep going on about the Coconut Mocha Frappaccino? It's that good. Like, change the quote from Zoolander from "What always makes us feel better? Orange Mocha Frappacinos!!!" to "Coconut Mocha Frappacinos!!!" good. Go out and get one right now. Do it.
Go link up with Shannon and tell everyone so what.


  1. I have the book, Bitter Is The New Black, but haven't read it and it made it's way on to my bookshelf where I forgot about it. You've totally inspired me to pick it up and read asap, thanks! And I'm totally going to Starbucks today...!

  2. i totally only clean if someone is coming over too! i think thats normal, however it drives J absolutely batty!
    tonight i'm going home to pick up my house b/c were dog sitting a terror of a dog this weekend and i don't want her to mistake any of my shoes/crafts/ect as her toy! ha!
    i supposed maybe getting a dog might be a good idea!

  3. I am tad jealous about your Jen Lancaster meeting! Your blog is too cute!

  4. Had no idea you were going to Gold Cup -- have SO MUCH FUN!! I love GC and sadly ahve not been in years...I can never find anyone to go with me anymore!