Sunday, May 8, 2011

Look At My Nook

For awhile I had been debating an eReader. I have found that I have a lot of time available to read on the Metro, so I should take advantage of it. There was a debate between Kindle, the Nook, and an iPad. Each one has pros and cons. An iPad reads everything, Kindle only reads Kindles, and the Nook reads ePUB files. There's also price, connectivity, availability, libraries, and so much more.

In the end, I went with Barnes & Noble's basic Nook (no color, no 3G). It plays the books that I can download from my library. So, it expands my selection of books, too. I chose the eInk black & white because the backlighting of the color screen (on any of the eReaders for that matter) makes it hard for me to read for long periods without wearing my glasses.

I also searched for a cover that would protect the screen while it was toted to and fro. I didn't want something too bulky, could fold behind, and was more like a book instead of a pouch. Since the black and white version doesn't have back lighting, I would also need a nook light so I could read in the dark or less than ideal light. I managed to find exactly what I was looking for at Best Buy...and with a tattered box, I also got a 20% Open Box Discount. Score!

So far, my nook library is limited, but I have several books in queue at my actual library. I might finally get around to reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I also have If You Were Here from Jen Lancaster. I haven't figured out the LendMe yet, since I don't really have books to lend and I haven't asked any of my friends with nooks to try it out. But, while I'm here, anyone have any suggestions for other must-reads? Perhaps a summer reading list of chick lit, humor, thrillers?

I hope to get through a lot of books in my summer travels. This nook should help the time pass as I fly about the country. Especially starting with a SIX HOUR flight from JFK to Phoenix for my cousin's graduation. Seriously. Six. Hours. The longest flight I've ever been on was seven hours from Denver to London. Like traversing an ocean is faster than getting across the country. Oh well. I'll have my nook and a neck pillow.

Here's to happy reading!

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