Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So What Wednesday's Valliant Return!

First, head over to Life After I Dew and link up to say "So what".

Here's what I'm saying SO WHAT to today, and filling in for some past Wednesdays:

  • I didn't go to bootcamp this morning? When my alarm went off, my dog Harry snuggled up closer. With my short time before I leave, I'm not about to pass up snuggles with my fur baby.
  • I haven't said so what in blog form? I know you've missed it, and it's back. OK, we've acknowledged it. Moving on.
  • I'm making my BFF a pack mule when she comes out to DC with me this weekend? I need clothes and luggage, she has two free bags on Southwest. I'll buy her dinner.
  • I haven't blogged about my birthday or my going away party? As I mentioned in brief yesterday, I don't have cords for my camera since they're packed, and to be honest, I'm a little scared of what the camera has to tell. 
  • I did shameless self promotion of my birthday on twitter? Facebook lets me be passive by posting my birthday in my profile and stalkerfeed fills it in for all of my friends. What's not to love about getting some virtual birthday love?
  • I have planned out my first three days in DC down to the hour? I've got a lot to do, little time, and the BFF is a planner like me and along for the ride. 
  • I am more than slightly obsessesed with BravoTV? I need to turn in my DVR before I leave, but I can't seem to part with my episodes of Bethenny and Real Housewives. (Because they never air again. Ever.)
  • I also shamelessly promote my side blog for my Adventures In The District? Really, you should follow that blog, too.
  • Speaking of shameless, follow (err...request to follow me) on twitter.

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