Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Donning the Dress Once Again

I think I have completely spaced telling y'all that A) my cousin Lauren got engaged and B) I'm a bridesmaid.

First things first, between her, her sister Lisa, and me, we totally thought we would go in opposite age order for getting married. Or, more specifically, that Lisa would be married first, then Lauren and I would duke it out for last married. Well, she met her lobster at Texas A&M and they're getting hitched!

Now, onto the fun part - the wedding! Thankfully for me and Lisa, Lauren has turned over creative control. (Perhaps to her own dismay, but only time will tell.) Lisa is a super chic interior design major and since we're both in sororities, we've got the crafty part covered. Not to mention that I've got the expereience in attending so many weddings. It will be in San Antonio/New Braunfels, TX in September and I'm so excited! This will be the first wedding on my mom's side since 1994 and the first of our generation. (OK, so the wedding from 1994 was from our generation as far as family goes, but since I was in middle school, I'm talking societal generations here.)

I'm heading out to Texas in two weeks to go dress shopping for Lauren and us bridesmaids. We're also going to look at the venue, figure out lodging, and talk about other bits and pieces of the wedding. My aunt (her mama) and Lisa will be coming from Arizona, so it will be nice to see all of them before I go to DC.

Lastly, I get to wear a deep purple dress! I'm so psyched because the color looks gorge with my skin tone and hair color. Thanks, Lauren. ha.

I promise I'll blog about the trip with pics to make the post more exciting when I get two weeks. Oy. I really need to make that list.

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  1. Great news that you get to wear a deep purple and that it looks good on you! Nothing worse than not loving what you are wearing when you are in a wedding.

    Get going already!!! I want to see that list. :)