Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Layers, Long Sleeves, and Jackets...Oh My!

Y'all. Packing is tough.

Packing is tough when you're going for 10 days and have special events that require their own shoes.

Packing is tough when it's fall and you want to wear your boots and bring another pair for good measure.

Packing is tough when you're thinking about it three weeks in advance. (Because you're an obsessive list maker.)

Packing is tough when it's 88 degrees with 70% humidity which equates to a wet heat somewhere between "Balls Hot" and "So Effing Disgusting You Take Multiple Showers Everyday and Change Your Sopping Wet Clothes A Lot."

Packing is tough when the climate that you're going to, while it does still approach 80 degrees, it truly is a dry heat, and when the sun goes down or is obscured by clouds, the day star's heat actually stops heating the earth.

Packing is tough when you know that you're going to check a bag and have already rationalized a carry-on wheeled suitcase and perhaps even the Vera Bradley Grand Traveler (the size of a carry-on wheeled suitcase) for good measure. You know, because, well, you might need that outfit or you might acquire a new outfit.

Granted, I have three weeks. I have plenty of experience packing. I know that I'll start laying out my clothes by outfit (including accessories) so I will get everything I need. I know that I will make endless lists on my phone and in paper to keep track. I know I will consult my social events with the weather reports leading up to the trip incessantly to be prepared.

But really? I am just so stinking excited to go back to my homeland! This is the longest I've ever been out of the state of Colorado in the past 29 years, so it's a bit of a change.

Also? Next summer, I need to get out of DC because this heat is killer. Or rather, it makes me want to become a killer.

There's something the be said about homicide rates increasing and hot weather. I digress.

Happy holiday week!

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