Thursday, May 20, 2010

Too. Freaking. Cute.

Chelsea, third of four brides for my wedding season, is tying the knot in August, I'll be celebrating her bachelorette-hood in Vegas in a couple of short weeks. Of course, there are pomp and circumstance that revolve around a wedding, like a wedding shower. Below, is Chelsea's super cute invites from their family friend.

This theme will get her prepared to expand upon her domestic goddess-like qualities and hopefully more blogging fodder for A Domestic Cupcake!

For now, I'll be kicking up my feet as I have only 8-ish work days over the next 24 days...rough life, I know.

I will have posts-a-plenty over the next several weeks as I will be in Indianapolis for the Indy 500, where I have been promised a White Trash Scavenger Hunt. Then, onto Boston and Cape Cod for a wedding and time with one of my oldest friends...think kindergarten & Brownies old. Then there's Vegas - 'nuff said.

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