Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pet Names for Pets

I've been spending lots of time with my dog, Harry, a lot lately...for whatever reason, he's not hating me for making him hike.

In that time, I realized I call him mostly by pet names, not his name...and in a little bit of a baby talk voice. Don't judge. You would to with a face like this.

So, I compiled a list, for your entertainment of the names that I have caught myself calling Harry.

  1. Harry (duh)
  2. Poopers
  3. Poopy Puppy
  4. Harry Carrey
  5. Harry Pooper
  6. Harry Pooter
  7. Prissy
  8. Princess
  9. Hooba
  10. Hooby
  11. Hoobastank
  12. Baby Cakes
  13. Poopy
And, you might be thinking, if you know me well, that I would call him Harry Potter, but you would be mistaken. His name comes from his old man eyebrows and the need for an old man name.

I'm surprised Harry listens to me at all with all of his monikers. I can't blame the kid for ignoring me...sometimes.


  1. It's okay, I call Nala pet names besides her own. I call her Nala Boo a lot, derived from Lilly Boo also puppy pup, pup pup, or fatty dog.