Monday, May 24, 2010

Impromptu 4.5 Day Weekend

OK, so the first 1.5 of those days I was laid up and sleeping/reading. For you bookworms, I was re-reading Twilight and Midnight Sun simultaneously...meaning I read one chapter in Twilight, then read a chapter in Midnight Sun. Awesome effect and making me love the Twilight series even more...except for Stephanie Meyer getting all cranky about the leaked version and swearing she's not going to finish it.

The rest of the weekend was phenomenal, though. I was able to see a sunrise, visit with family, and even went on a hike with my dog Harry. The trail was pretty easy, but nice to get out to enjoy the gorgeous weather and surroundings that are nearby - just outside of Boulder.

Before heading up, my friend Chelsea and I gathered up the pups and were told by her fiance to "stay low" because of the wild life and the dogs. Chelsea and I looked at each other and laughed...Chelsea and I like to be outdoorsy mostly in the sense that we like to have happy hour on patios. But, we assured him that we would be taking
an easy route because with prissy Harry and two wiener dogs, we weren't going far. Well, the irony was that we did run into some big game. Two huge brown bears were fairly close to the Park Ranger's access road. Like, 100 ft away, if there weren't a deep ravine between us. At first, we thought that the two bears were wrestling and playing, but then, well, um, it is spring time, and apparently that was a wanna be cubbie-daddy bear and a potential cubbie-mama bear. Gotta love nature.

Here's to a great week, spring time and loving life!

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