Wednesday, September 30, 2009

iPhone = iAddiction UPDATED

So, I am a sucker for technology. (Thanks, Dad.) And now have the 3G iPhone. I had to upgrade so that I could send picture messages when AT&T was ready for it. (Friday, September 25th is a day that will live in infamy.)

Here are some of the many reasons that I use this thing CONSTANTLY:

  • One stop shop - It has the phone, the email, the texting, the internet, the facebook, the weather, the camera, the maps, the calculator, the iPod. In a word? EVERYTHING.
  • Facebook Mobile - In earlier posts, I have talked about how facebook is an evil and I am still waiting for a 12-step program for social networking, but it's a great tool for uploading pictures taken by the aforementioned camera.
  • Camera - I forgot to bring my actual camera with me to a wedding and I still managed to take great pictures with the iPhone.
  • Maps - I can search for a restaurant or store and the maps function will show me nearby locations and I can get directions to there. But you've seen that in an iPhone commercial.
  • Chipotle App - Yes, you can order from Chipotle from your iPhone and skip the line during the lunch rush. It's just like ordering online, but in a handy app.
  • Movies - From one of many apps, you can find movies playing at select theatres or even where a certain movie is playing.
  • Restaurants - Urbanspoon is my current favorite app for finding restaurants in the area. You can sort by price, neighborhood, and cuisine. Not to mention, you can find restaurants based on your current location if you're not quite sure where you are or what is near you.
  • Music - Since the iPhone would not be complete without an iPod, it's nice to have some tunes when you need to pass some time while waiting at the doctor's office, the DMV, or for your hair to process...
  • Contact Information - With Bump, you can share your information, pictures, files, etc. with another iPhone that also has the app. It's a quick way to share your contact info - email, phone, and/or address.
  • Backing Up - Having a MacBook and an iPod, the iPhone syncs seamlessly into both. If I forget my phone, my iPod has all my contact information in there. My MacBook acts as a backup for my iPhone should I have to restore it, or in the case of the upgrade, get everything from my old phone to my new one. I won't be one of those with the mass message of "Lost my phone, send me your number"...
  • Books - I have found FREE classic books to read: Alice in Wonderland, Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, etc. Now I have something enlightening to pass the time!!

I'm sure that there will be better phones created by other manufacturers, but the iPhone fits so seamlessly and has all the bells and whistles that keep me occupied for now...

Now, waiting for my latest techno-widget - the Garmin. I asked my dad for it for Christmas knowing that he would love to investigate and research all the options, pricing, brands, etc. However, once he knew which one he wanted, he bought it and has been taunting me by having it since August but not letting me have it until Christmas. My logic of getting 5 extra months of usage was to no avail...So, until then, I will have to obsess over my iPhone...

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