Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So What Wednesday

You know it's been busy slash I have writers block slash I'm too lazy when it's been weeks since my last post and I get back into the blogging with a well-timed link up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew" and say so what.

So WHAT if...

  • This is the first post in a while? Whatever. It's quick and to the point.
  • I whined a little this morning when I punctured my thumb with a bobby pin? That thing hurt and bled like a mother trucker. My bathroom looked like a murder scene.
  • I laughed so hard I cried and snorted this morning in the office? This is totally worth it when you're having a bad day. Click it. Trust me. You're welcome.
  • I've had the most random songs stuck in my head? Sanford & Son, Mr. Sandman, Somebody That I Used to Know. And that's just what ran through my head while writing this.
  • I haven't really blogged since nothing more than 140 characters has struck me? I mean, there are some things that I could probably expand upon, but whatever. Refer to my third slash above.
  • I am pissed I didn't get anything from Rue LaLa's Lilly boutique? Like, legit infuriated that I couldn't click fast enough. I mean, did they only have one of each? Seesh.
  • I cannot believe how much yoga affects my sleep patterns? Seriously, y'all. I have some amazing sleep whenever I practice yoga. When I don't, I toss and turn. Who knew?
  • I am now a coffee snob? A co-worker brought in a milk frother and my life is forever changed. Seriously. Just frothing the milk makes the coffee taste SO MUCH BETTER. Try it.
  • I am plotting my summer travels? It's never too early. So far, I have Chicago for a bachelorette, but I'm thinking Vegas needs me there. And maybe the Jersey Shore to witness that shit show first hand.
  • I am beyond excited to get to Dallas next week? The padre y madre dos are settled in and I can wear my cowboy boots all the time.
  • I am BEYOND beyond excited for the NASCAR race next Saturday? The padre y madre dos life a couple of miles from Texas Motor Speedway. Let's go racing!!!!
  • I'm a Denny Hamlin fan? Legit hottie and he does the Dougie. I think that'll be my opener, "Teach me how to Dougie."
  • I'm also a Brad Keselowski? He tweets. During races. A man after my own social media heart.
  • I am now needing to make a packing list for my Texas trip? Otherwise, packing is going to get out of control.
Go link up with Shannon and say your own SO WHAT!


  1. I'm totally already planning Summer travels! I've got the travel itch bad!

    I heart Nascar. I gotta admit though, I'm a die hard Jimmie Johnson fan. I just love that man :)

  2. I'm so happy that you chose my link up as your getting back to blogging post. Also does frothed milk make you not need creamer?

  3. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! new follower via email :-)