Saturday, July 25, 2009

What We Say and What We Mean

So, I know there are chain emails out there about what guys say and mean and what women say and mean, but as of late, I have noticed some oversight in these understandings. Below, I have seen what women say and what we mean when talking to men in general, as in, not in a relationship. It's not extensive, but it's a, without further ado...

"Can you take a picture of us?"
Simple? Yes. Straight-forward? Somewhat. When a group of girls ask a guy to take their picture, it means that they want all 15 faces (on their good side) from waist up and, if possible, leave off the arms of the peripheral girls. That it does NOT mean is stand as far back as possible to get the full body shot of those 15 girls. Nor does it mean that you should use the zoom on the camera to pull the frame in so tight that cropping could leave an opportune college student with 15 fake ID pictures.

Drinks all around!! What we would like is something that will not require a chaser, is tasty, and will allow for the novice/pickiest of drinkers will at least be appetizing to take. That does NOT mean that Jim, Jack, or Johnny should be the main ingredient...and although I personally like Jose, most ladies do not and that makes him the four wise man that's wise enough not to be in a round of ladies' shots.

Do you known of more? I'm sure that there could be a blog solely dedicated to the mis-communications between the sexes and hilarious examples of what happens when it does go wrong...

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