Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Second, Consecutive Weekend in Denver

To celebrate my second, consecutive weekend in Denver this summer, I had several celebrations to attend.

On Friday night, I joined my friends Nicole, Mandy, and Mariyah, and Nicole's daughter, London, dad, Kevin, step-mom, Joanelle, brother, Bennie, and Ben's girlfriend, Vanessa for a birthday dinner for Kevin (turning the double-nickles - that's 55) and London's FIRST birthday.

We dined at Zengo, an amazing modern Mexican cuisine restaurant. It is truly one of my favorite restaurants in Denver. When we order, it's more tapas-style because you really want a little of everything on the menu. However, one of the signature entrees is the Kobe beef that you prepare yourself at the table on heated stones.

These are my recommendations from the dinner menu:
Ceviches - Both the Camaron and Mahi Mahi

Sushi Rolls - Angry Zengo, Kobe Beef Tataki, Volcano, and Crispy Softshell Crab Roll

Appetizers - Edamame XO Style, Won Ton Tacos, Empanadas, Tuna Tartare

Soup - Chipotle Miso

Entrees - Char Broiled Black Cod, Kobe Beef

Just looking at the menu again made me salivate...and to quench your thirsts, Zengo also has amazing mojitos. I prefer the traditional cucumber, but the passion fruit one is delish, too.

After dinner, we took Bennie and Vanessa around LoDo bars, and of course, had to take them to Cowboy Lounge. It's an urban honky-tonk...meaning that they play hip-hop right after "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy". Bennie, being the super-popular, hip-hop DJ in Sacramento area even got recognized at CL...which is really weird...on another weird note, Nicole and I managed to clear half of the dance floor with her custom choreography to "Devil Went Down to Georgia"...nothing feels weirder than being stared at while twirling and lassoing the air....

The group at the CL

Saturday morning started with a bridal shower for Christy (Wedding #6 if you're tracking). The morning was nice with delicious brunch prepared by Miss Kalyn. The theme for the party was lingerie, but in true style, it got a little naughty. Surprisingly, not because of me! Although I think Christy will have quite the interesting honeymoon - and Quintin, you can thank us later. ;)

For Saturday evening's event, I got to officially celebrate Chelsea and David's engagement with both of their families. You can see Chelsea's planning process on her blog A Colorado Cupcake and with her articles for the Broomfield Examiner on bridal style and planning.

Chelsea and Me, the Faboosh Bloggers that we are...

Mr. and the Future Mrs.

Another reason to love summer and time with friends is relaxing on a cool Saturday evening in the backyard while being serenaded with acoustic guitar and music just floats through the air. David is an amazingly talented musician and, with the help of his sister, Ashley, the duo brought tears to people's eyes.

David and his sister Ashley serenading the party

To cap off a weekend of celebrations, a day in the park with friends and cake for London's first birthday was a MUST!

Celebrating one year seems a little odd when you think about it. But, when you think about how much your life has changed in that one year, your eyes open to all the possibilities for where life's road could have taken you.

London was so cute with her cake...she simply kept sticking her finger in the frosting and licking it....she got a little messy, but to her mom's appreciation, not so messy that you would have to hose her down.

Here's to everyone that I got to celebrate with this weekend:

Kevin: May your next 55 years be as amazing as these last 55 years.

Christy and Quintin: I am excited that I get to share the first day of your lives together as husband and wife.

Chelsea and David: Although your wedding is a year away, I can already see the love that you have for one another and I am also excited to get to share the first day of your lives together as husband and wife.

London: You are a little miracle in more ways than one. I cannot wait to see the little girl that you will become, and better yet, the woman you will be.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out love! AND for taking pics :) Even if some were horrible...

  2. what a great weekend! it makes me sad when all that goes down and i feel like i miss so much, not just the events...