Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Literally, Caffeine and Cocktails

I had an epiphany yesterday and thought that I would actually post my choices for caffeine and cocktails...well, current choices, anyways...


Skinny Sugar-Free Latte from the 'Buck or a Northern Lite Latte from the 'Bou
(That's Starbucks and Caribou Coffee, by and by.) I really like the Cinnamon Dolce, Caramel, that good, old standby, Vanilla, but the 'Bou has a Turtle flavor that is decadent...I go between iced and hot depending on the weather, the day, or just me. For an extra jolt, read: Monday, I just add a shot of espresso.

F My Life, a/k/a Mocha Frappacino Light
I superimposed the letters on the side of my cup once and an F My Life was created. The baristas at the local 'Buck know me, so when I order an F My Life, they know what I mean. They think it's funny, too having since being directed to It's a nice little dose of chocolaty coffee that's blender-ed with ice....yummy....

Sugar-Free Red Bull
Having some wicked hangovers from regular Red Bull, I swore off the Bull altogether fearing the same nauseating result. However, in my recent time-travel in time zones and not allowing my internal body clock to adjust, the sugar-free version was reintroduced to me in small doses and surprisingly, I took to it very well. With only 10 calories for the 8.4 oz can, I can't complain...oh, and the price tag is a little nicer from the 'Buck and the 'Bou.


Grape Soda
A grape soda is simply grape-flavored vodka and soda. It tastes like grape soda. Simple and delicious.

Sweet Tea
This little gem will really get you into's Sweet Tea Vodka, water, and ice. You don't taste the alcohol and that's where the trouble's so good once it hits your lips.

Bacardi Melon and Sugar-Free Red Bull
It's like a delicious melon ball with some energy behind it. As part of my reintroduction phase to Red Bull, I was served this masterpiece of non-alcoholic tasting awesomeness.

Wyoming Cream Soda
Served tall (meaning in a taller class to allow for more mixer, one serving alcohol), this little glass of heaven tastes like, you guessed it, cream soda. I call it a Wyoming Cream Soda for the person that made me my first glass. I can tell you that I was initially hesitant to taste Captain Morgans and 7Up, but with the right ratio of 2 parts 7Up to one part Captain, it's magnificent.

I hope that you will try some of these concoctions and share yours! I'm always looking for the next signature drink....

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