Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Introduction to Caffeine and Cocktails

Welcome to my world that is dominated by caffeine and cocktails...between all I do with work and play, one or both fall in there somewhere.

Being a lady of the town, I work downtown and live my life downtown (although due to recent budgetary cutbacks with grad school loans, I must commute in to live my life, but that is another post altogether. I digress.) at various fabulous places.

Between my friends and I, we chose to experience all that Denver and the Front Range has to offer in nightlife, culture, dining, and generally amazing experiences. Since I also fancy myself a comedienne, I will also have posts from time to time on social commentary and hysterical observations while playing my favorite game He/She Needs Better Friends. Simply put, it's commenting on someone's selections for their wardrobe/hair/accessories and end with "She needs better friends to tell her not to wear that." It's slightly absolves guilt while making potentially disparaging comments.

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  1. Can't wait to hear your internal monologue ;)