Monday, August 9, 2010

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I conducted an experiment this weekend that turned into another experiment once I hit the town.

I bit the bullet and got some hair extensions. Granted, I'm not going all Rapunzel with them, but I did add some length to my medium bob. I was trying them out since I have seen them used with ease with one of my other friends and realized that I would love to have longer hair some days.

With that, I ended up with some perfectly matched strands that I had my hairstylist as and trim accordingly with my appointment. Results of the experiment: I love having long hair. And long, curly hair at that. It's a trip, that's for sure.

Here, you can see how it turned out. (Don't worry, I covered that track with a little teasing.) My hair normally falls at the top of my neck when it's curled like this, so you can see it added some inches in curl. I'll have to follow up with pics when I style it straight.

The other experiment came when I hit the town to celebrate my cousin's girlfriend's birthday. (Follow that? There's a test later.) The conclusion is that gentlemen prefer blondes. But, blondes with long hair. I wore an outfit that I have previously worn (Chaddy, don't judge. If it ain't broke, don't accessorize it.) and knew the confidence I exuded (read: response from the male). But this time, I think the sheer volume of long, blonde hair made me a little more noticeable.

Either way, I'll take it and my tracks.

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