Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best Invention Since They Put the Pocket in Pita

OK, so you could say "since sliced bread", but that's a quote from Hercules. Yes. The animated film. That I can sing along to the entire soundtrack to. Yep. Same one.

Anyway, so here are some on the coolest inventions that make my life easier. Enjoy.

Camelbak Water Bottles with Straws
Seriously it's amazing how much more water I can drink on the go. Awesomeness.

Insulated Drinking Cups
For my iced or hot coffee...the straw and 10 cent discount make my mornings that much better with my caffeine.

Quick Dry Fabrics
Having the ability to not lose shape as you sweat and to dry faster than cotton makes working out not such a hassle in summer.

Heart Rate Monitors
Knowing how hard I worked out when I get a royal ace kicking by trying to keep up with my marathoning boss makes it that much more gratifying to get to the gym.

Air Conditioning
Having the direct flow of air on my face in the summer is a necessity to keep cranky pants at bay. Oh, and if you really want to prevent cranky pants, don't make me wait.

Parking Meters that Accept Cards
Who carries $2 in change on a regular basis? Not to mention I don't have a handy coin storage anymore. The city isn't smart when it says that you've paid until the end of the metering time...I used to pump more change in, this is why you have a deficit, Denver.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
I can keep my mani and pedi up to date easily with the all-in-one bottle. Today, I have Kook-A-Mango on and it's pretty much amazing.

Seriously. They are amazingly therapeutic. From 15 minutes to 3 hours, I love naps.

Flip Flops
Throw on, throw off. They're like slippers that you can wear in public. And no, and form of sheepskin is not permissible.

Seamless integration of my life. Music, calendar, contacts, apps, email, fb, etc. It's a catch all that backs up and loves me no matter what. Not to mention with the mirrored screen protector, it doubles as a quick touch up mirror.

Real Housewives of New Jersey
Trainwrecks, fiery personalities, to-die-for homes and fashion. I can't wait for Monday nights. Especially with the follow-up of What What Happens Live. You can make that shizz up.

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  1. Oh Lord. Your list of favorite inventions belongs at the top of my list of LEAST favorite inventions! Why? Because after a day of pizza, cake, and cotton candy I feel like the embodiment of at least half of the seven deadly sins. A realization that probably would've stayed hidden had I not read how half of your list revolves around a healthy lifestyle! (shame)

    P.S. Can I consider it a workout if I reach the point where I break a sweat while eating??